In 1972 Pepsi introduced a revolutionary new package that would change the soft drink industry forever. When 2-liter bottles first appeared on the scene, they were sturdy, formidable bottles with a solid black plastic base. Remember those? Whatever happened to that sturdy bottle? In the 90’s a new movement was sweeping the nation. Everyone was going “green” and recycling became a part of our vocabulary, and those big sturdy 2-liter bottles got thinner. In fact, the amount of plastic that it takes to make those bottles was cut by over 40% during that time. Since then further advances in plastics and greater emphasis on solid waste reduction have reduced the amount of plastic in those bottles by another 30%! No wonder they are so hard to handle! It’s like trying to pour a soft drink out of a cellophane bag!

Then, one day back in 2009, I was at a friend’s home for a pot luck and bible study and, of course, the person bringing soft drinks that night brought a selection of 2-liter bottles. Isn’t that what we all do? They are so inexpensive! With my plate of food in one hand I reached over to pour myself a soda and don’t you know that cola came spurting out of the top like Vesuvius! The soda went all over my hands and the counter and the bottle, it was a mess! As I was cleaning up, I thought to myself “there has got to be 2 liter bottle handle on the market to help pick up these bottles!” When I arrived home later that night, I looked to see what I could find to solve my little dilemma. I did find a couple of gizmos that might do the trick, but after I did a little more investigating I found out why they had never caught on. These contraptions were more trouble to use than just setting down your plate and pouring with two hands! And they were too expensive!

That’s why I invented the Grab ‘N Pour 2 liter bottle handle. Your 1-handed 2-liter pouring solution! Grab ‘N Pour is light weight; less than 4 ounces! Grab ‘N Pour is easy to use; just slip it over the bottle, grab it and pour it! Grab ‘N Pour doesn’t screw on or clip onto the bottle, it’s unique patent pending design simply distributes your grasping force evenly around the bottle for a sure-handed, one-handed, safe, secure, pour every time. And when you set that bottle down, Grab ‘N Pour is easy to remove and place on the next bottle, you guessed it, with one hand! You will be amazed how easy it is to use! So whether you’re carrying a big plate of food at a picnic or your little toddler at a birthday party, the Grab ‘N Pour handle lets you pour that soda safely without having to put down your precious cargo.

Why spend extra money on cans? Using 2-liter bottles can save you money! A lot of money! One 2-liter bottle holds the equivalent of 5.6 – 12 ounce cans of soda. 2-liter bottles frequently sell for $1.00-$1.50 or less, while 12 packs of cans sell for between $3.99 and $5.99 or more. That’s a savings of over $1.00 per bottle! And how many times have you cleaned up after the party and found all of those cans lying around with only one or two sips taken? What a waste! At that rate, Grab ‘N Pour will pay for itself the first time you use it!

So give Grab ‘N Pour a try! And tell your friends!

Chris O’Sullivan
Inventor of the Grab ‘N Pour

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