Grab ‘n Pour is Back in Biz!

After a hiatus of nearly two years, Grab n Pour is back in business! I want to give a shout out to my friend Bill who gave our product an amazing opportunity at his own expense. We found out that the market for Grab n Pour 2 liter bottle handles is NOT on Infomercials, probably due to the low price and impulse nature of the product. So, we are headed back to the grocery aisle and back on the road to success.

Soda CharactersI will also be exploring some licensing opportunities and some proprietary artwork decorating the product. Sometimes functionality is not enough to drive sales. Sometimes you have to put a little ‘lipstick on the pig’ so to speak. Other opportunities include promotional products, branded Grab ‘n Pours for grocery stores, pizza delivery chains, caterers and more.

I also want to promote the notion of decorating your own Grab ‘n Pour for birthday parties, tailgating, sporting event parties, wherever people are serving 2 liter bottles of soda.

Decorate Them!

I have spruced up our Social Media presence, re-doing our Twitter Page, our YouTube and Facebook pages as well. The next step will be to start a fun online video campaign and get something going on Instagram. This is all grassroots, ’cause we is broke!

Let’s get this party started and start pouring those two liters!!!

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Hey! Check out this terrific product review by! Spread the Word!

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2012 Housewares Show!

We are headed back to McCormick Place in Chicago for the International Home & Housewares Show, March 10-13. This year we are in production and taking orders! All of the major buyers will be there, as well as thousands of smaller ones. We will stay in touch, just follow us on Twitter @GrabnPour

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Grammy’s Gifting Suite!

This was so much fun! Kathy and I and my daughter Sarah were invited to participate in a Red Carpet Gifting Event in the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills last week! We had a great time and no, we did not get to go to the actual Grammy’s! :( However we did get some great photo opps and some outstanding press! Check out this interview! We got to meet a lot of great celebs and take photos, which you can see on our Facebook Page.

Special thanks to RealTVFilms for the great interview, Huffington Post for a cool mention in their article and to Disarray Magazine! Also thanks to Roger Zamudio and Red Carpet Events LA for putting on such a great event!

Spread the word! Everywhere we go people LOVE the Grab ‘N Pour! We just need to get the word out!

I am going to do the same deal at the Oscars next week! We’ll let you know how that goes!

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Testimonials – Let us hear from you!

Got mine! Have to say I have gone to drinking my diet pepsi out of the 2 liter bottle because of the Grab n Pour…..saving some money AND wasting less :-)

Sherise , Reno, NV

We love our Grab N Pour! Sherise took the words out of my mouth!

- Rainy, Amarillo, TX

I got mine! A red one and a blue one. They’re the nuts!!

Greg,  Reno, NV

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ASD Show!!!

We’re back in Las Vegas for ASD 2011. This a terrific show! Stay tuned for new retail locations in LA, East Coast and…Poland! Check out our youtube page for video updates and facebook and twitter for photos!

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New TV Commercial!!!

Keep you eyes open for our new television commercial! You can view it on our YouTube channel, or just click here
Grab ‘N Pour TV Commercial
The ad will be running on targeted stations, including Food Network, Nickelodeon, Lifetime and others for the next four weeks through Charter Cable. Sorry DirecTV and Dish customers, we’ll target you next.

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Now Accepting Orders!!!!!

Now you can order your Grab ‘N Pour! Available in two colors, Blue or White! We have them ready to ship! Order more and save!

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Vegas Baby, Vegas!!

Hot on the heels of a great show in Chicago, we are off to Las Vegas for the SPREE Show, April 12-14,  at the Sands Expo Center. We’ll be in booth #441.

SPREE stands for SPecialty Retail Entrepreneurs Expo. It is THE show for the specialty retail market which includes Boutiques, Carts, Kiosks and any other specialty shops. We are really excited about taking the Grab ‘N Pour 2 liter bottle handle to the cart and kiosk market. Grab ‘N Pour is so quick and easy to demonstrate, it lends itself very well to a kiosk demo, where often times you only have 3-4 seconds to make your pitch.

Of course this is not going to sidetrack us from our main target; grocery stores. The soft drink aisle is our ‘home’.  However, we are always looking for other outlets to move our great product! Everyone needs a great 2 liter bottle handle for those tough 1-handed pours, whether you happen to be cruising the mall or the grocery aisle, and Grab ‘N Pour is the best solution, hands down!

So now you can look for us in the mall too! Stay tuned to find out where you can get your Grab ‘N Pour, coming to stores May 2011!

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It’s a Wrap! IHHS is over, now the work begins.

The show is over, but the work is about to begin. Day three included a follow up with Lifetime Brands, and a fantastic connection with the largest “impulse buy” firm in the country, Evriholder! The CEO loved the product! There are some things that would need to be addressed, but most importantly he loved the product and believes that Grab ‘N Pour is the best solution to pouring a 2-liter bottle!

Follow up will begin tomorrow with postcards going out to all of our new fans from the show, and then buyers who showed interest in the product will receive our production samples when they come in in two weeks. Many people wanted to know when they could get their first order, and we will be getting back to them soon!

Kathy and I are exhausted, so now it’s time to rest up for an early morning and flight home to Reno. See you all soon!

- Chris

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