Grab ‘n Pour is Back in Biz!

After a hiatus of nearly two years, Grab n Pour is back in business! I want to give a shout out to my friend Bill who gave our product an amazing opportunity at his own expense. We found out that the market for Grab n Pour 2 liter bottle handles is NOT on Infomercials, probably due to the low price and impulse nature of the product. So, we are headed back to the grocery aisle and back on the road to success.

Soda CharactersI will also be exploring some licensing opportunities and some proprietary artwork decorating the product. Sometimes functionality is not enough to drive sales. Sometimes you have to put a little ‘lipstick on the pig’ so to speak. Other opportunities include promotional products, branded Grab ‘n Pours for grocery stores, pizza delivery chains, caterers and more.

I also want to promote the notion of decorating your own Grab ‘n Pour for birthday parties, tailgating, sporting event parties, wherever people are serving 2 liter bottles of soda.

Decorate Them!

I have spruced up our Social Media presence, re-doing our Twitter Page, our YouTube and Facebook pages as well. The next step will be to start a fun online video campaign and get something going on Instagram. This is all grassroots, ’cause we is broke!

Let’s get this party started and start pouring those two liters!!!

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